Spotlight on the work of Brushstrokes


3134 people supported from 101 different countries

Brushstrokes is the only migrant and refugee organisation in Sandwell to work with anyone in need, no matter if you are from down the road or from the other side of the world.

We worked with 915 new clients, 1071 existing clients

and 1148 family members.




66% were from across Sandwell  

29% from Birmingham

3464 meals served in our Community Cafe

571 new clients were provided with food – we provided food for 3464 meals for new and existing clients in this period.


495 individuals received clothing

168 received household items 

and 42 baby packs were provided by us to vulnerable mums. An additional 25 baby packs were supplied to our local health visiting teams for distribution to vulnerable families


228 individuals attended ESOL classes 

Classes are held at our centre and two satellite sites with 22 classes happening each week.


We have 52 active volunteers

33 from the local area and 19 from migrant backgrounds who gave 5300 hours to the project. We recruited 25 volunteers this year and 17 of our volunteers have moved into employment is this period.

Brushstrokes Community Project

Charity Commission registration number 512992 - Father Hudson's Society

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