Settling Well  Project

Helping migrants access services they require to ‘Settle Well’

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Brushstrokes is working with Sandwell Council and Citizens Advice Sandwell on ‘Settling Well’, a project providing early interventions for migrants living in Sandwell helping them access services they require to ‘Settle Well’. The project is funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

We are working with 7 Navigators who are based at Citizens Advice Sandwell. They will assist to deliver very practical advice and hands-on support to migrants, such as helping their children register with a local school, helping them to access local dentists and doctors and finding groups for adults so they can meet new people and access learning opportunities. Finding access to all these services could prove extremely difficult for families and individuals in the initial period of moving to a new country.


We provide supervision and support for a team of community navigators and specialist advice for migrants living in Sandwell where immigration status is affecting their access to housing, health, social care and welfare benefits.

This service will be based on referrals from Children’s Centres, community organisations and Citizens Advice and the general public.


Currently sessions are taking place at the following venues:

Brushstrokes – Mondays

Ileys Community Centre Smethwick – Thursdays


Brushstrokes on 0121 565 2234