Meet Our Staff

Working with individuals to help them address their aspirations and needs

We have 13 staff and 47+ active volunteers and a wider group of external workers and supporters


David Newall

I am responsible for the overall management of the project. I liaise with external organisations and apply for funding in order to maintain our level of services. I supervise staff and organise new activities.

ESOL Coordinator
Jane Alsop

I welcome and assess ESOL learners and help develop their  English language skills.

I also coordinate volunteer teachers and teaching assistants and work with other organisations to build stronger ESOL provision in the Smethwick area.

Volunteer Coordinator 
Martin McNally

I am responsible for the recruitment, training, placement and progress of all Brushstrokes volunteers.

Monitoring &
Administrative Officer
Carol Mendez

I monitor details of our services and service users and collect all data relevant to our funding criteria.

Centre Coordinator

Nigel Chandra

I welcome visitors and enquirers and initially assess the needs of new service users. I am responsible for the overall health, safety and wellbeing of the people inside Brushstrokes’ premises.

Resources Coordinator
Lucy Clark

I organise the collection and distribution of practical resources such as food, clothing and household items to individuals and families in need.

Resources Assistant

Fatmire Braha

I assist Lucy in organising our resources and donating food and clothing to those in  need.

 I am responsible for ensuring that all newly dispersed asylum seekers in Sandwell are provided with priority information, advice and guidance to enable them to negotiate key stages of the asylum process and to prevent them

from falling into crises such as destitution, homelessness and mental breakdown.

Early Action Advice Worker 
Lukano Omunson 
Senior Advice and Outreach Worker
Harriet Thuambe

I am involved in providing information and advice, outreach work supporting vulnerable clients and working closely with Brushstrokes’ volunteers.

Project Coordinator

Julie O’Neill


Immigration Adviser

Salman Mirza


Advice Worker

Lorraine Cruickshank


Immigration Adviser

Sija Dube


Advice Worker

Hawar Amin


Advice Service Manager

Amrit Nandra


Advice worker

Karolina Borkiewicz-Singh



Brushstrokes Community Project

Charity Commission registration number 512992 - Father Hudson's Society

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