Homemade in Smethwick

Food can act as a bridge from one continent to another

Homemade In Smethwick

A two-year project documenting life in Smethwick came to an end in 2016 as photographer, Liz Hingley, completed her work on Home Made in Smethwick,

As well as being a reception area for newly arrived immigrants, Smethwick is a longstanding neighbourhood of Afro-Caribbean, Irish, Muslim, Sikh and White British communities. Multistory and Liz worked with local community organisation, Brushstrokes, to get to know the residents.

They were welcomed into people’s homes and invited to share food cooked from special recipes, passed down from generation to generation. Mopane worms, Lipie bread and blackberry crumble are just some of the treats awaiting you in ‘Home Made in Smethwick’. Rather than a traditional cookbook, this collection of portraits and hand-written recipes reveals how food can act as a bridge from one continent to another; from one generation to the next; and from one house to its neighbour.


By asking the simple question, ‘what is your favourite family recipe?’, Liz drew out life stories and discovered the complex journeys that have brought people from 130 countries to their Smethwick home. Liz Hingley, photographer, said: “The smells of cooking from all around the world permeate the terraced streets of Smethwick. I was generously welcomed into homes and given the unique opportunity to taste personal dishes embedded with meanings and associations.


Liz has created an intimate photographic portrait of the people and the food cooked in Smethwick in the Black Country, one of the most culturally diverse towns in the UK. A book, commissioned and produced by Multistory. combines Liz’s portraits with favourite dishes and handwritten recipes of Smethwick residents.