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Asylum Early Action aims to discover and implement services that help people in the asylum system before they reach crisis point. The programme partners have developed and signed up to a set of overarching principles that we believe illustrate the central elements of asylum early action.

Brushstrokes approach to early action includes:

  • Increased outreach and home visiting to those in asylum accommodation.

  • Providing asylum guides to help individuals understand and navigate the asylum journey. 

  • Improving our refugee homelessness prevention pathway to ensure a smoother transition for refugees as they move from asylum support and settle in the UK.  

Brushstrokes and Father Hudson’s Care has signed up to the Asylum early action principles.

For more information about Asylum Early Action see

Asylum Guides

Are you an Asylum Seeker who would like to help other Asylum Seekers on their journey? You could volunteer to be an Asylum Guide and receive training and experience of working with us. 
ontact Abqa via email at: 

We are proud to be the first organisation working with the Refugee Action’s national scaling programme to deliver ‘Asylum Guides’.


The project aims to increase legal literacy, empowering people to be able to navigate and better engage with the complex asylum system. The Asylum Guides will provide information and guidance to asylum seekers on key stages of the asylum process who are living in Sandwell and west Birmingham.

Individuals wanting an asylum guide will be matched with our trained volunteers who will meet with them at key stages of the asylum process. We will also be able to take referrals from other organisations for asylum seekers who live in Sandwell and West Birmingham and would benefit from an Asylum Guide.

For further information on the asylum guides project see  -

Asylum Guides will receive in depth training, resources to deliver your sessions with your match and ongoing support from our Outreach Coordinator. If you would like to volunteer to become an Asylum Guide or for more information please contact Abqa via email at: 

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