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Supporting People Seeking Asylum in Sandwell

Delivered in partnership with Refugee Action.

Brushstrokes is one of seven organisations in England who are working alongside Refugee Action, on this Big Lottery funded project .

The ‘Early Action Programme for people seeking Asylum’  aims to develop and refine models for providing early advice and information to those in the asylum system and help prevent individuals falling into crisis. Through this project Brushstrokes will be:


  • Increasing our capacity to visit asylum seekers soon after their arrival in Sandwell.

  • Revising  our initial assessment process.

  • Sustaining and developing our asylum guides work.  

  • Improving the support to people when they get a decision on their asylum claim.


For our clients our increased capacity and outreach will make it easier to get the information and advice they need, increase their understanding of the asylum process, and prevent them falling into destitution at the end of the process.

Being part of this project creates an opportunity for us to learn from and with the other partners about the types of intervention that are more effective for those in the asylum system and will lead to the development of a charter for early action which we hope other organisations working in the sector can sign up to . We hope that through the life of the project this focused work with asylum seekers will provide a vehicle for this group of service users to have a clearer voice in helping to shape the way we deliver information, outreach, advice and support to individuals seeking asylum.


For further information on this project please contact Dave Newall — 

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