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Welcome Wednesday   

These sessions are every Wednesday, 5-7pm, and it’s an opportunity to socialise and play games such as table tennis, table football and chess. There’s a very friendly vibe at the sessions with lots of regular members but lots of new faces too. There’s always a cup of tea and some snacks available, and lots of friendly people to chat with.

Film Evenings

A monthly event where we explore films from different corners of the world, especially those that are represented amongst the Brushstrokes service user community. In partnership with Black Country Filming, we bring a broad range of films and often there are refreshments that reflect the film’s theme on offer. Over the past year we’ve shown Nigerian, Bollywood, Latin American, UK and Iranian films, often touching on issues that are experienced by our service users. Entrance and food is always free of charge.

Football Sessions 

In partnership with Benson Community Project we offer a popular football session on every Monday 4:30-6pm. It’s open to everyone connected to Brushstrokes and everyone’s been having a great time at Hadley Stadium, where the sessions take place. Normally we will split players into smaller teams and enjoy a few 7-a-side games during each session. Paul from Benson Community Project is a qualified coach and we often play matches against over local teams. We’ve supported players with football boots so they can maintain their passion for the beautiful game away from our free of charge sessions.

Brushspokes Bike Project

This aims to meet the cycling needs of our service users. We have provided over one hundred bikes to service users over the last two years. We are aware of the key role that access to a bike has to service users who have limited access to funds, and of the benefits that cycling plays for people’s physical and mental health. We have also held Learn to Cycle sessions at Brushstrokes through funding from Cycling UK where we particularly targeted women and girls. We have also run bike rides around the local area so that our service users familiarise themselves with their often-new environs. Additionally, through collaboration with Cycle Confident we have run successful Cycle Maintenance sessions, which has empowered our service users and increased the sustainability of people’s cycling journey.

Women's group

The Women's Group Story

Click the story on the left to read about our Women's Group.

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