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Housing and
the Homeless

Safer and Securer

Made possible by our funders at Nationwide, this project helps EU nationals, refugees and other vulnerable migrants find a home and prevent people from becoming homeless.

Our housing advisers give specialist housing and benefits advice to individuals from new communities in Sandwell and West Birmingham who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or experiencing problems with their current housing.   

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Refugee Housing Advice and
Refugee Homelessness Prevention

Brushstrokes is helping to deliver a unique approach for refugees in Sandwell. 
Working alongside Sandwell Council we are providing tailored support to help people manage the transition from asylum support to settled status as refugees. 
Through outreach and office based work, everyone who receives a positive decision on their asylum claim while they are accommodated in Sandwell, is offered dedicated casework support. The service includes advice and support to address housing options, accessing benefits, advice on their education, employment and training options and provides ongoing resettlement support.
Anyone granted refugee status in the other areas where we are working, such as west Birmingham, can also receive assistance with resettlement from our advice team.
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For help with housing, please contact  or call 0121 565 2234

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