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Learning English

English learning for improving your day-to-day life skills in the UK or your journey into employment.

Play the video to find out more about our English classes with Sandwell Language Network


If you would like to learn English, click here and fill out the form.

Language support at Brushstrokes 

With over 150 learners, Brushstrokes is one of the largest providers of ESOL in the Smethwick area. Staffed by an ESOL Coordinator and a dedicated and enthusiastic team of teachers (paid and voluntary) and classroom assistants. We provide courses ranging from compete beginners to academic IELTS. 

There is no criteria for acceptance onto any of our ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) courses but priority is given to asylum seekers wherever possible.  Our largest ESOL cohort is always absolute beginners. We encourage and support learners to access college provision when they feel confident to do so and when their English has reached a sufficient level.  

 If you would like to learn English at Brushstrokes, please click on the link and complete our enquiry form. You will then be invited in to one of our assessment days where you will be allocated a place in a class best suited to your level of speaking/listening/reading and writing. 

Brushstrokes is an accredited ESB centre . Learners can work towards ESB exams but these are not compulsory.  Classes run from Monday to Friday throughout Sandwell term time. Classes take place at our main office and Smethwick library. 

The ability to speak and understand English is the most important component in enabling individuals to be able to build strong relationships in the local community. Our community based ESOL continues to help individuals in their process of integration, as Alexandra one of our students says , “I can talk to my neighbours and now I can talk to new people in the park when I take my children.” to be Updated w/c 19th April. 

 It is so rewarding to see learners grow in confidence as their language skills improve and they develop the ability to communicate in English on a daily basis.  A huge part of ESOL classes is the social aspect and many friendships are made in the classroom. Breaking down language barriers and breaking down barriers of isolation is an important part of what we do.    

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If you would like to learn English, click here and fill out the form.

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OET- Occupational English Test

Overseas health professionals need to get good pass marks in OET tests in listening,

speaking, reading and writing to be able to gain registration to work in the health sector in

the UK.

Currently the OET is accepted by the GMC, NMC and GPC for doctors, nurses and

pharmacists respectively.

Working with the Sandwell HOP project we currently provide OET preparation classes for

overseas health professionals wishing to continue practicing in the UK.

We are registered Premium Preparation Provider and all of our teachers are trained and

experienced professionals. In addition our ever-growing team of volunteers provide

students with the opportunity to practise speaking one on one with native speakers.

We schedule regular mock tests throughout the year to help students become familiar with

the test experience.



IELTS for work and study

Many people coming to the UK from overseas need to prove their level of English for either

professional or academic purposes and need to receive good marks in listening, speaking,

reading and writing.

Our teachers have a wealth of experience delivering IELTS preparation and we have a team of volunteers who offer their time so students can practise speaking with native speakers.

Our IELTS course is funded by the Sandwell Language Network.

We schedule regular mock tests so that students can get real test experience.


Online courses

All of our courses are run online using Zoom. Students receive 5 hours of lessons a week delivered in two lessons. Students also have access to resources and practice material through our Google classrooms.



Due to the level of these tests students must demonstrate a minimum of Level 1 English (B2), we will consider a high Entry Level 3 (B1)

For our IELTS course students must be Sandwell residents.


Test Funding

We do not provide funding for tests. We can help with providing references for funding application.


If you are interested in finding out more please contact




-In order to be a dentist in the UK I needed to work on my English lessons were expensive and I really begin to lose hope, however, after finding the Sandwell Language Network I have had quality English lessons for free and I have now achieved the results I need in all my mock exams. This has given me so much confidence moving forward. I now have the opportunity to fulfil my career right here in Sandwell.


IELTS student


-It is my great pleasure to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Brushstrokes. To all the teachers. The support they have all given which has lead to great hope and has motivated students like me to achieve professional and career growth.

I have gained a broad knowledge of what the OET is all about , and have been able to apply the skills I have learned in chosen field.

It is an amazing experience to know Brushstrokes and all the team that continuously share fantastic lessons and updates about the OET course that we are currently attending. Thank you so much for all the hard work!


OET student


-This course really helpful and since I have studied here my English language skills have improved.

I like the teaching methods which makes clear every difficult part.

Although I am scared of exam, even mock tests I attended the mock test, so I am feeling a little bit more confident.

This course gives benefits to the community through their teaching English language, especially OET and many of us have passed the test.


OET student


-I came to Europe after the troubles I had in my own country. Of course, they would not welcome me with flowers. I have to overcome some things on  myself. Sometimes I felt very lonely here. Especially not being able to speak the language is a very difficult situation. It is very important to support people like me in this regard. I have attended many German and English language courses in the last two years. I can say this is best one. They encourage me and give opportunities to improve my English. Receiving not only medical support but also language support was extraordinary. I will be grateful all my life for this uncountable support.


OET student

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