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health and mental health

Our health work is wide ranging and flexible. We deliver a variety of health-related activities both at our base in Smethwick and directly to clients in the community and in contingency asylum accommodation.

We hold regular;

  • Vaccination clinics,

  • Blood pressure checks,

  • GP registrations,

  • TB screening clinics for new arrivals,

  • Talks and informational sessions.

We provide regular sessions to new arrivals in the UK on understanding the NHS. We have also been an early advocate of the NHS’s Pharmacy First scheme and have been able to guide many clients through this healthcare provision route which has been crucial in getting people treated for minor ailments early and without the need to have to wait to see a GP.

Meanwhile, our informational sessions, hosted by NHS professionals, have covered subjects such as cancer, long covid, maternity care, oral healthcare, women’s health, bowel health and mental health and wellbeing.

Mental Health

In partnership with the Sandwell Consortium’s “Sandwell Health Inequalities Partnership” we are able to provide a variety of weekly activities to reduce isolation, increase community and integration, and reduce health inequalities, running individual groups for local men and women and focussing on social integration and mental wellbeing.

Our women’s group meet weekly and build social connections by participating in arts and crafts activities, cookery skills classes and have recently started a weekly yoga class. They also have regular informational sessions focussing on Women’s Health and Maternal Health.






Our men’s group get together weekly around football sessions at Hadley Stadium, gardening sessions in our Secret Garden, and Welcome Wednesdays where they build social connections around board games and table tennis.


We also provide weekly Music Wellness every Friday providing both 1:1 and group sessions increasing wellbeing and offering support to those who have experienced trauma.


In partnership with West Birmingham Health Inequalities we run three weekly advocacy sessions at different outreach venues

  • Monday - Benson Road Community Hub, B18 5TB, 07502 388515

  • Wednesday - Oasis Academy Foundry Pantry, B18 4LP, 07866 818207

  • Wednesday - St Chad’s Sanctuary B4 6HA,  0121 233 3127

Advisors can offer assistance with a range of issues that have a detrimental impact on physical and mental health and wellbeing including: access to benefits and reductions in payments, employment, housing, education, immigration and asylum.

reach and reconnect

Our new Reach and Reconnect programme aims to improve health and wellbeing and increase people’s life chances. This will be done through health literacy and digital literacy. Both concepts will be delivered through information and training sessions with residents having a better understanding of:

  • day-to-day digital skills including how to access online health tools, apply for employment, better housing and update their UC journal

  • how to prevent ill-health and manage existing conditions

  • how to access primary care and community pharmacies

  • understand NHS systems and access a full range of services

  • improve the self-management of their health and access local peer support

  • be instilled with confidence to better support family members with their health and wellbeing

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